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About us

Not just a company, but a big great family

We are a global community made up of people who continually seek to excel, always go for more and share a strong common purpose: to create, innovate and grow.

Synergy and collaboration are the working principles in every company we set up. The multiple sectors within this great team contribute their ideas, knowledge and experiences so that learning is shared and we reach our maximum potential.

Knowledge and experience

Professionalism and assistance

Diversity and respect

Team success

By creating and implementing the concept of "Yellow Pages on the Internet", we succeeded in integrating the business reality with the digital world and thus revolutionize the online advertising market.

All our creations, AiYellow, Amawebs (smart website builder), White Pages, UbiZ app, Global Digital Cooperative and now, OrbitCard, share a common philosophy: to use technology to make people's lives easier and better. Based on this philosophy, we decided to push our ideas further and suggest an independent work system that promotes personal development and professional growth, while keeping in mind a sense of belonging. Thus, our sales agents came into being in 2008 and have evolved to consolidate their position as holders of exclusive business licenses around the world.


Orbit arises from the idea of creating a network of contacts that revolutionizes the commercial relationships in the world. Based on this concept, we developed a site that in a simple, fast and accessible way brings brands, services and people into contact, encouraging business relationships. On top of that, it supports an all-inclusive development in a collaborative and user-friendly environment, focused on highlighting the added value of each activity.


Innovation and growth are in our DNA. Therefore, we aim to bring about a revolution in the commercial market, building the largest network of people and businesses worldwide. By means of different digital tools and technological solutions, we encourage the exchange and connection of people, companies and opportunities, enhancing the growth of each of the members of the Orbit community.
We strongly believe that a sustainable, respectful and leading-edge business ecosystem is possible and we work every day to achieve it.

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About Orbit

Why are we different?

The power of teamwork
Building a community means creating bonds that link every element of this huge network. When we think of Orbit and all of our digital solutions, that's the driving force that inspires us. Collaboration stands above competitiveness as we are convinced that growth is a team phenomenon.

What inspires us?
Knowing the world makes you part of it. Understanding other people's reality, working as a team, collaborating and helping someone else and seeing it reflected in personal growth is definitely a driving force that motivates us every day.

What are we passionate about?
The opportunity to provide solutions. Once you find out that you can help someone else, boost their development as well as your own, then passion becomes the best ally of creation.

What are we thankful for?
Our great community. The trust of each and every person who chooses to join this family. The collective desire to innovate and the diversity that make us better.

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How do we do it?

We are very proud to see that our projects have become successful businesses. Where does this success come from? For us, the team is definitely the key. Having committed and passionate people focused on LISTENING and sensing customers' needs. Knowing, interpreting and creating is our formula to constant growth.

In our activity, we look forward to combine an idea with a technological proposal, add functionality, usability and design, and create valuable proposals by means of a constant multidisciplinary and collaborative work. Each and every person involved in these solutions is committed to continuous improvement, to the challenges of growth and to the assertion that our digital products are always at the forefront.

What is the added value that OrbitCard offers?

Built-in contact network

OrbitCard brings together all your contact numbers, social media, instant messaging systems and geolocation in one place. By clicking on a link, a whole world unfolds and interaction is just a click away.

Self-management and assistance

You can access and modify all the information on the card instantly, 24/7, 365 days a year. Meanwhile, our team is ready to provide you with guidance on an ongoing basis. Walk with you throughout the process is our priority.

Cutting-edge technology

Up-to-date, secure, leading-edge. Our one-click technology allows you to address interactions within seconds. Also, it offers pre-settings for easier decision making.

Multiple formats

As much as you want to say, the way you want to say it. The diversity of contents that you can include in OrbitCard ensures that the message you are conveying leaves your mark, be assertive and makes an impact.

Environmental responsibility

People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our actions on our planet and we're glad about that! At OrbitCard we understand that in order to live happily, we need a healthy planet. Thus, digital cards do away with 100% of paper consumption and reduce the ecological footprint that paper business cards cause.


You own your site. Feel free to customize it, edit each of its formats, share information only for some users, have private content that only you can see and set its functions to get the result you want.

Measuring statistics

Knowledge is power. That's why at OrbitCard we provide our own metrics of the interaction of each card, including the most consulted contents, the number of visits and redirections, the amount of activities carried out, among many other valuable data.

Direct contact

Our agents are the backbone of this project. Each card is offered through direct contact, supported by the security that only one person can give you. It is our belief in our team to build a community that upholds the values of our DNA.

Orbit community

Local officer

A space of growth, learning and continuous support, where you can share your experiences, your skills and even your concerns. A space where we will walk together as a team creating valuable contacts and business opportunities.

We have chosen to focus on everything that the digital environment has to offer us and to base ourselves on an irrefutable assertion: No other communication environment has strengthened the sense of "community" as much as the Internet and mobile telephony have done. It' s about the ability of bringing companies, people with shared visions and objectives together in a business community, in a group that shares a passion for innovation, for being at the forefront and for achieving goals that have yet to be fulfilled.

We have started changing traditional, used and everyday concepts from our daily lives into a technological novelty: the mutation of the traditional concept of Yellow Pages towards the multiple possibilities that digital platforms are offering.

Currently, we represent the traditional concept of Yellow Pages powered by the multiple possibilities offered by digital platforms.

Today, following this approach that defines us, we believe there are plenty of other options to explore and that the business world still has to keep on growing. Therefore, paper business cards have evolved into our OrbitCard, a digital business card that sets us apart from the rest of providers with the person-to-person contact.

We know that technology is our greatest ally and digitalization is connecting us more and more on a daily basis. However, we still rely on the power of words, of contact, of people.

Each of our agents know our products inside out and also knows who to recommend them to, what do they need, and how can they actually improve the life of a person close to them. Such a combination is our earned experience.

Innovation is in our DNA:

Learn about the evolution of our products

Beginning, present and future

An idea is born

It expands worldwide

It starts a business community

A new business format emerges


An idea is born
January, 2007

Our history is defined by the observation of the environment: learning about world events, noticing the changes and positioning ourselves as players in a new paradigm. Our aim is to play a leading role in each context, generating new and better ideas that contribute to provide solutions to our society.

This is how our first idea, AmarillasInternet - AiYellow.com, was born. The magic of online connection was reshaping the way of communicating and, as a consequence, the way of doing business. From that perspective, we realized that printed directories would lose their usefulness and we decided to bet on the evolution of the Yellow Pages concept. We brought together the power of direct selling with the potential of Internet advertising and, as a result, we created the first company to address the advertising market under this concept.

With that first idea up and running and consolidated, we began to expand its reach and introduced a new proposal: white pages, a totally free directory of physical individuals. Moreover, following this same philosophy of increasing the benefits for our advertisers, we developed Amawebs, a smart website builder that allowed us to offer to more than 40,000 small businesses that were advertised in our directories, the possibility of a complete self-managed website, totally free of charge.


New ideas & innovative projects
September 10, 2009

As the world of Internet continued to diversify, we were determined to implement cutting-edge solutions, and so we delved into the world of mobile applications. This research led to the creation of UbiZ, a business loyalty tool that, when introduced to the market, had over 250,000 registered companies.

Focused on continuing to grow and taking advantage of the infinite possibilities that technology provides us, in 2019, we founded Global Digital Coop, the first digital cooperative, which merged the business environment and the learning of new forms of commerce as its hallmark. Through this, we brought together more than 1.5 million companies and independent professionals under the same institutional environment.

A year later, in a context of imminent digitalization and going through a health crisis that boosted technological mediation as the communication means par excellence, we began to devise a new form of commercial presentation 100% digital: OrbitCard, the business card that is proposed as a milestone of innovation in the business world.

Our expansion was continuous between 2011 and 2015, doubling the number of advertisers and visits to our site by the second. This was also the time when we set the next goal: venturing into Africa and Asia. Success was achieved with events in Johannesburg, Capetown and Bangkok.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the number one Yellow Pages directory on the Internet. The range of products and services provided widened and the opportunity to conquer new markets online became an unquestionable reality.


A business community
2016 to 2018

Our present comes as a result of the continued development that we have led over these years. With all our online developments, adding your memberships and reinforcing our standing in a volatile market, a very promising present is on the horizon.

In this context, OrbitCard arises from the combination of simplicity, attractiveness and effectiveness of communication in a digital product. Our understanding of the power of social media today, the need to communicate instantly and the increasing speed at which the business world is changing have led us to identify a strong need for flexibility in the presentation of brands or commercial activities to their markets.

Thus, we listened to the demand for integrating the entire content network in the same site and generating drivers for direct action through buttons and high-impact messages. Reality finds us in constant movement, moving from one place to another and going further and further distances, so it was a priority to think about a solution that we always have at hand, such as our cell phone, and that can be shared easily.

While exploring different paths, with successes and failures, we came up with a business card, OrbitCard, which brings together several attributes of technological sophistication, while at the same time simplifying the experience of use.

Moreover, by marketing our products under the format of business franchises, named by our team Business Licenses, we not only broaden the scope of users that are currently using our products, but we also generate numerous sources of income for thousands of families around the world, who decided to be trained to become protagonists of the digital revolution. A great team of entrepreneurs who listen, advise and interact with each of their customers with commitment and responsibility.

The secret of our growth lies in the oldest and most effective form of communication, the referrals of people delighted with the product and the service they have enjoyed. A simple, real and powerful concept.


Continuous growth
2018 to 2023

In a future that is already happening, we are confident that Orbit comes to complete a business cycle focused on promoting the expansion of multiple companies and entrepreneurs throughout the world. Although the idea began with a product that changes the way of introducing ourselves commercially, nowadays Orbit also represents a whole club of benefits, discounts and networks of contact as well as an integral academy of its own.

Based on this business community we have created, we are focused on multiplying our participant base, growing and evolving our B2C (Business to Consumer) community towards an innovative B2B (Business to Business) community model.

Being pioneers, trendsetters and dreamers, we have created our own currency and with it, the possibility of conquering huge markets, betting on the future with a further share of commitment to what we are doing.

Once again, all these can be done thanks to our teamwork, our focus on cutting-edge technology and permanent innovation, always bearing in mind that technology does not start revolutions, people do.