360 Digital Subscription

Broaden your commercial spectrum with the 360 Digital Subscription

Advertising, digital presence, customer loyalty and marketing, in one place.

The 360 Digital Subscription is a set of high-end digital resources created in order to consolidate a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Bringing together six highly sophisticated digital platforms designed for small and medium-sized businesses around the world, as well as retailers and freelancers, who want to enhance their digital presence.

The purpose of this subscription is to enable the total approach to the commercial, networking, and relationship aspects of a brand, with accurate long-term sustainability.

Boosts your digital presence.

Strengthens the bond with your customers.

Trades from wherever you are.

One subscription,
multiple solutions.

Interconnected digital platforms that act in synergy.

A single subscription allows you to access six high-end platforms and future technological developments from GDC, for 12 years.

The tight network that links the platforms in the GDC ecosystem allows maximizing its usefulness and enhancing each of its attributes.

¿What contains the
360 Digital Subscription?

  • AiYellow, Amawebs and OrbitCard


  • Ubiz and Luckycenter


  • MarketCoop


  • Basic Version and Full Upgrade


  • technological developments


360 Digital Subscription

Promotional Value

12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration 12 years duration

All your Digital Platforms in the same cooperative experience, at an unprecedented value thanks to the power of the team.

Take your experience one step further.

Choose the digital platform you prefer and get its Full Upgrade Version. A universe of functionalities are unlocked for you.

By accessing the Full Upgrade Version of the individual platform of your choice, you unlock new attributes and possibilities of use, for one year. If the initial experience is already incredible, with this upgrade you will exceed all expectations.

The value of innovation

By acquiring the 360 Digital Subscription, you automatically enjoy all digital platforms, their constant updates and future developments.

Day by day, a great team at Global Digital Cooperative works to optimize each resource, implementing improvements and new technologies that support them as cutting-edge tools.

That is why we incorporate a technology upgrade fee that allows us, for as little as USD 15 per year, to drive this digital revolution.

360 Digital Subscription

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