Digital Platforms

More tools.

More possibilities
for expansion.

We present the GDC digital platforms:high-end digital resourcesto address a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Each development is carried out in an interconnected way and with state-of-the-art technology, meeting the latest market demands in terms of digital presence.

The constant updates they receive as well as their usability, make them leading products when it comes to creating networking strategies and increasing the potential of a business on the Internet.

Moreover, thanks to their customization capabilities and intuitive configuration interface, they are within the reach of any company or individual wishing to make their mark on a global scale.

More benefits.

  • Resource optimization

  • Personal development

  • Customer loyalty

  • Corporate Motivation

  • Effective communication

  • Synergy and interconnectivity among platforms

  • Digital presence in search engines


Digital Platforms

Innovation in Advertising

Three platforms to expand your brand's reach through advertising space, web presence, and digital presentation.

Make your mark online.

AiYellow allows you to promote all kinds of products and services on the Internet. It offers a wide range of advertising spaces and specialized directories that facilitate searches in niche markets. In addition, it can be indexed with the best search engines on the net.

Since its creation in 2007, it has been incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to enable companies and professionals to enter the digital universe.

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Your website, just a click away.

Amawebs satisfies the demand for immediate online presence, providing simple and accessible tools to create a website in an intelligent way, without technical or programming knowledge.

It has customized templates and designs that allow you to communicate through the image of each page, quality hosting, and the advantage of being indexed with the best search engines, increasing the visibility of your brand.

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The new way to present yourself to the world.

Orbit Card is a digital business card that gathers all personal and business information in one place and is shared with a single click.

A new experience of commercial exchange that came to revolutionize business communication, expand the circles of influence, and obtain exponential growth of the reach of your business. Attractive, simple, and effective, it can be customized with the brand identity and shared as many times as you want and it is also environmentally friendly!

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Strength in your team

Build customer loyalty through our digital platforms Ubiz and Lucky Center.

A platform to make luck play on your side.

LuckyCenter is a tool for customer loyalty through low-cost raffles and high-end prizes.

The strength of the cooperative in its maximum expression makes it possible for the users of all the member stores and companies to participate for incredible prizes, motivating adherence and a sense of belonging to the brand.

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Targeted and effective communication.

Ubiz is a customer loyalty tool, created to stimulate targeted communication with each customer.

This platform allows you to send communications to your customers in an agile and practical way. Through a personal virtual office and its mobile application, you will be able to inform about promotions and manage your brand's content. In addition, it allows you to find other businesses and companies with which to generate alliances or meet needs.

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Practicality in your sales

Market your products in a simple and effective way through MarketCoop.

Buying and selling have never been easier.

MarketCoop is an Internet e-commerce platform.

It is an online commerce store that allows selling products and services of different types, new or used, in a secure environment. Its focus is on guaranteeing security and facilitating the exchange: buyers and sellers connect through the platform and then carry out their transactions personally and without intermediaries.

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