History and Evolution

The incubation of the AiYellow concept occurred within the MSICC - Mercosur International Chamber of Commerce in Brazil after the development and implementation of an official directory of importing and exporting companies in South America.

During 2006, the idea of ​​creating a Yellow Pages directory with exclusive bearing on the Internet was born. After obtaining the necessary permits we begin an intense multidisciplinary work and AmarillasInternet, the Spanish version, and AmarelasInternet, the Portuguese version, were introduced at the beginning of 2007. A few months later, both trade names incorporated into AiYellow, a unified name to be, presented globally.

AiYellow was, established as a digital community where B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) commercial relationships occurred naturally, the business directory connecting buyers and sellers who made free transactions outside the advertising platform.

Upon discovering the features and potential that the Blockchain technology presented, a new prospect opened. For the first time, we could design a utility Token to be used within our platform using the cryptographic backup technology. The number of issued tokens could be verified as the information would remain public in the blockchain. The transparency in the unit quantities and the ability for them to be verified by any member of our business community could now become a reality.

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Years of expertise in the marketplace

The creation of this technology, together with the emergence of Bitcoin in the world, created new avenues to be travelled. In our case, it was the possibility of designing and implementing a utility Token that could accompany and partially stimulate the transactions that were made between members of the community and encourage internal consumption by giving the Token direct benefits. This is how YellowTradingCoin was born

The creation of YTC (YellowTradingCoin) together with a system, which we call the Ytc System, guarantees the application of a set of internal rules that seeks the valorization and the stimulus necessary for their substantive use.

We chose the Ethereum platform and its Token ER20 because it is, tailored to our needs. The simplicity and potential it represented were essential factors in the important choice of the platform to be used

In early October 2018, the YTC Token was, created in the blockchain, and we then started generating the e-wallets where the YTCs would later be, deposited in their digital version.

From October 2018 and for a period of approximately one year, the transfer of YTCs took place. The project, called our Pre-ICO period, was offered to members of our business community.

AI Yellow Pages Marketplace YTC Application System Ethereum Platform

Growth of YTC.

During this phase, GDC - Global Digital Coop – was born. Once GDC's registration was approved, we began working on the integration of the cooperative and all its business units. At the same time that YTC gained a new scope and a new dynamic as the potential of the new ecosystem was far superior. YTC had achieved its first triumph, participating as the only Utility Token within what would be, a large business community under the institutional umbrella of a cooperative. YTC gained power and efficiency.

During the period before the launch of the YTC System, each proposed stage and all dates presented were, timeously honoured. We thereby gained, at every step, the trust of our community.

As scheduled, days after completion of the Pre-ICO, all Unassigned Tokens were burned. As of March 1, 2020, YTC is the official token for members registered within the Cooperative and will be, partially applied in each of the cooperative processes with, the aim of strengthening the businesses of all its members.

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Mission and

Our mission in creating YTC's was to generate a method to stimulate transactions between our members. To possess a Token that identifies us and that allows us to bring together within our ecosystem, buyers and sellers, and present to the entire community of entrepreneurs in the digital world, a world of new possibilities.

New technologies bring indisputable advances, but putting these technologies into practice, into the daily lives of an entrepreneur is a challenge that we proposed as a cooperative and as a digital community.

In short, our mission with YTC is to provide our community with a means to gain direct benefits by actively participating in the cooperative ecosystem.

Our vision is to present tools that can improve the lives of our members. There are thousands of small entrepreneurs who through GDC, YTC can strengthen.

The actual use of YTC and the benefits that can be, obtained from it are, without a doubt, a vision shared with the entire digital community that seeks to promote an internal means of presenting quantifiable benefits.

We offer a platform that can contribute enormously to collective development without overlooking the individual. YTC is the tool that enhances all sectors of the Cooperative where incentives are an element that allows us to grow and reward the activities that we want to develop.

Our vision is to contribute, stimulating a world where the opportunities that new technologies present can reach the hands of hundreds of thousands of people who want to join a digital but cooperative universe.

The greater the opportunity, the more growth and the more development, collectively step by step, building an environment of benefits for our members.

Brokers and General Managers

One of the significant advantages that the YTC system offers its holders is the possibility of obtaining the advice and accompaniment of a Broker who, in turn, can refer to a General Manager.

The General Managers do presentations on the YTC System and training in which GDC members who own YTCs can participate. The presentations are organized in different languages and are the best area to learn about token behaviour and understand the latest progress.

Within the YTC Wallet, we have developed several functionalities so that the YTC holder can choose a Broker and also request direct contact with the Broker. There are Brokers in more than 10 languages that can advise YTC holders on their experience within GDC.

Both personalized advice, online presentations and the Broker communication system is entirely free for YTC holders.