4.0 CooP Dynamic Program

Our commercial program

The Coop Dynamic Program 4.0 is a unique and innovative program that establishes the marketing mode for the Digital 360 Subscription and Full Upgrade version of all our digital platforms.


Makes it possible to exchange positions, taking advantage of the benefits of each role.


Focuses on collective action and network marketing to maximize profits.

3 positions.
The same team.


Commercializes the Digital 360 Subscription and Full Upgrade Version to all end users and manages their platforms, as an accredited technician.

City Franchisee

The exclusive representative of the Full Upgrade Version of a selected digital platform, in the city of your choice, anywhere in the world. To do so, you create and grow the cadre of promoters and provide them with products.

Regional Franchisee

Provides the Digital 360 Subscription and Full Upgrade version of the digital platforms in all franchises in the cities established in their province or state, acquiring the products directly from GDC.

Promoter City Franchisee Regional Franchisee

Local expansion
with global reach.

In CDP 4.0 we prioritize local marketing, allowing many people to join our independent sales team and generate income from their city, through their closest circles. With a current presence in 295 locations around the world and continuous growth, we set an international hallmark that democratizes not only digital access but also job opportunities for each member who joins our program.