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From its development to its implementation in our everyday lives, decades have passed. Although it was created in the nineties, the global reach it has today seems novel and innovative. Its evolution has positioned it elsewhere, and this old friend has come to stay. With the speed that characterizes it, it has solidified the concept it conveys today: intrigue, attraction, and dynamism.

Instant and contactless access is on the rise among the attributes we seek. And who dares to introduce a cutting-edge product into the digital market without its QR code access? As the name suggests, a quick response code that, with just opening the camera and a simple click, allows discovering universes of content, interacting, and taking actions within seconds.

A feature that highlights the brand, indicating professionalism and, at the same time, simplicity. At Orbit, we understand its potential in creating digital presence. That's why we have incorporated it to instantly access our business cards, organize events, provide credentials, and push imagination to the maximum, making every generated content interactive.

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