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OrbitCard is tailored to your needs: simple, effective, fast and secure.

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Business card Digital credentials Exhibitions and events Promotions card

Business card

Bring together all about your company in one place, achieve your objectives and conquer new markets.
With OrbitCard your brand expansion is simple and effective.

Digital credentials

Organize your personal data, arrange the information according to your needs and take advantage of the benefits that technology has for you. Create your digital credential with the peace of mind that only our security system can guarantee.

Exhibitions and events

Have information available about the multiple themes of the event, create content in various formats and use this card as your great strategic ally.
You will get clarity and practicality assured for you and each attendant.

Promotions card

Spread your brand's products, promote the services you offer and boost your business in an efficient and simple way.
The time to grow is now and that is why we have created a dynamic card designed for those who never sleep.


Getting to know you just got easier!
Using your business card as a presentation, you can arrange all your individual information, show your background and highlight your attributes.

Boost your personal and commercial profile being confident that your data belongs to you.


Share your business information, the description of the activity you develop, and your valuable content through the same site.
Easy to navigate, customizable design and direct contact.

Boost your company's commercial growth with technology on your side!


Inform about the content of your exhibition or event, organize its itinerary, and optimize the visit of each attendee.
Also, take advantage of QR code technology to access all the information within seconds.

Simple, fast and at your fingertips!


Promote the product you develop through a unique space, professionalize your services with its digital presentation, and generate the impression your business wants to achieve.

OrbitCard combines technology, design and usability to appeal on the first impression.

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