Corporate team

Our corporate team: a sum of unique talents

We are introducing the team that leads AiYellow worldwide. All of them, without exception, have started their career in the company in the same way: selling AiYellow products.

As agents, they have been able to capitalize on every opportunity, overcoming the challenges presented to them and making the business reach its full potential. This is the reason why today they occupy an essential place, made up of the valuation, respect and admiration of those who form AiYellow.


  • Graciela Barrera
    Graciela Barrera
    President Orbit
  • Mario Sanchi
    Mario Sanchi
    Jefe de departamento tecnológico
  • Martin Naka
    Martin Naka
    Director de Operaciones
  • Kaiane Naka
    Kaiane Naka
    Project Manager
  • Philipe Cruz
    Philipe Cruz
    Director de Arte
  • Agostina Iglesias
    Agostina Iglesias
    Directora de Contenido
  • Camila Ciminari
    Camila Ciminari
    Comunity Manager
  • Agostina Bustos
    Agostina Bustos
  • Facundo Shalom
    Facundo Shalom
    Líder de infraestructura informática
  • Javier de Antonio
    Javier de Antonio
    Operaciones Informaticas
  • Andrea Franze
    Andrea Franze
    Asesoría Fiscal
  • Rocío Ceballos
    Rocío Ceballos
    Diseñadora Gráfica

Our presence in the world

Every day new members are added from all over the world as Orbit Local Officer.
Meet the members by clicking on the yellow locator that appears in the geographic location that is of interest to you.